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We're busy right now updating our web sites to take account of all the new applications and products in ultrasonic technology, principally involving our own MMM (Multifrequency Multimode Modulated) sonic and ultrasonic vibrations. While this work is continuing we can offer you a quick preview of some of the exciting developments through our publicity documents.

Note - these files are in .pdf format - to read them you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it you can download a copy here.

New! Discussion of metal forming, deep drawing and extrusion processes

MMM basics
MMM universal ultrasonic power supplies are replacing all other types of constant or sweeping frequency power supplies for driving all kind of piezoelectric transducers, submersible transducers, bench top cleaners, sonochemical reactors. Read about the advantages and and new options this technology makes possible.
MMM products
Full details and specifications of all MMM ultrasonic power supplies, control systems, transducers (converters) for cleaning, liquid processing, sonochemistry, plastic welding and many new and innovative applications.
Miodrag Prokic's new book: Piezoelectric Transducers Modeling and Characterization
Mathematical modelling of ultrasonic technology and know-how in great detail.
Ultrasonic atomization
One of MPIís recent project presentations - atomization of liquids and even liquid metal alloys.
Ultrasonic very large flow rate atomization
One of MPIís recent project presentations - atomization of liquids, Solder Alloys and other liquid metal alloys (500lit./hour, 1000įC).
Ultrasonic sieving
Another project presentation - using MMM ultrasonics to activate the sieve offers a great improvement in performance and throughput.
Clamp-on reactors
Clamp-on MMM systems overcome the usual requirement to build special resonating tooling - standard pipes can become ultrasonic reactors by simply clamping on the special transducers.
Flow-Trough reactors
Clamp-on MMM Flow-Trough reactor applications in Sonochemistry, Medicine, Bioengineering. Ultrasonic cell lysing for vaccines production (bacteria, yeast etc.). Filtering, Sterillization, Nanopowders production...
Glass Reactors
Clamp-on MMM Glass Reactors for very aggressive and corrosive liquids: Precious metals recuperation, electrochemistry...
Examples of MMM ultrasonic technology for high-energy liquid processing.
MMM ultrasonic cutting
Examples of MMM ultrasonic technology applied to cutting processes.
Ultrasonic Filtration & Filter Cleaning Inline
Examples of MMM ultrasonic technology applied to Filtration, Ultrafiltration and Filters Cleaning Inline.

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