MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
MMM, Wideband Multifrequency Technology

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Heavy-duty-sonicators02 Jul 2013
gas injectors18 Nov 2020
sonochemistry_and_cavitation05 Aug 2015
spherical-end-sonotrode19 Jan 2010
ultrasonic_filtration07 May 2006
Extractions25 Oct 2023
4-kw-sonicator.pdf14.3 Mb24 Jan 2005
DNT-sonicators.zip447.8 Mb08 Nov 2012
Waveguide_water_inside holes_7.gif2.6 Mb08 Apr 2018
Sono-Reactor-in-Line.zip48.2 Mb18 Sep 2014
Spring-mixer.zip209.7 Mb21 Mar 2013
sonoreactor-sonicator-biodiesel.pdf82.5 Kb21 Jan 2006
Submersible - Sono-Reactor-in-Line-Fast Clamping.pdf17.2 Mb21 Sep 2014
sonorods_overview-n.pdf799.5 Kb01 Jun 2017
applications-petrochemical-domain.pdf70 Kb23 Jun 2010
Waveguide_water_inside holes_6.gif1.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
biodiesel-21mm-reactor.pdf733 Kb06 May 2008
mmm technology explanations.pdf3 Mb12 May 2017
clamp-on reactors-design-examples.pdf2.7 Mb21 Sep 2010
clamp-on-21.3mm.zip4.8 Mb23 Nov 2007
facts about mmm technology.pdf258.7 Kb12 May 2017
clamp-on-tubular-reactors-resume.pdf420.4 Kb11 Jul 2004
sonochemical reactors.pdf574.9 Kb31 Jan 2010
o&g pipeline cleaning.pdf313.4 Kb09 May 2017
completely sealed converter for continuous high power sonochemistry.pdf123.1 Kb15 Feb 2010
mpi-sonorod resume-advantages.pdf165.2 Kb08 May 2017
flow-trough-reactors-applications.pdf243.9 Kb28 Aug 2005
Cav2.mp424.6 Mb11 Oct 2020
generator and system setup.pdf96.6 Kb11 Jul 2004
generator-and-system-setup.pdf124.6 Kb11 Feb 2004
glass-reactors.pdf123.3 Kb31 Jan 2004
sonoreactors_classification_&_examples.pdf1 Mb24 Jan 2004
heavy-duty-high-intensity-sonicator-1.pdf215.4 Kb23 Nov 2007
sonoreactors_classification_examples_applications.pdf1.3 Mb19 Nov 2005
heavy-duty-high-intensity-sonicator-2.pdf17.4 Mb04 Mar 2008
Waveguide_water_inside holes_5.gif795 Kb08 Apr 2018
lab-reactor-glass-tube.pdf226.3 Kb08 Mar 2004
Waveguide_water_inside holes_3.gif1.1 Mb08 Apr 2018
mmm-plastic-bag-reactor.zip45.7 Mb13 Sep 2007
tubular_clamp_on_reactors.pdf10.6 Mb06 Feb 2011
mmm-sonoreactor-sonicator-biodiesel.zip8.7 Mb21 Jan 2006
Option 3_ 2HWL (Booster 2HWL)_Water.gif1.9 Mb08 Apr 2018
mmmexampleparametersetting.pdf249.6 Kb11 Feb 2004
ultrasonic extractions and liquids processing.pdf27.8 Mb23 Sep 2007
mpi_cylindrical_liquidprocessing3f.pdf423.8 Kb16 Aug 2004
oil-water-mixing.zip138.3 Mb21 Aug 2010
mpi-basics.pdf336.8 Kb17 Jan 2017
open frame generators-power regulation.pdf29.2 Kb21 Aug 2004
ultrasonic-cleaning-technology-transfer-proposal.pdf3.8 Mb03 Jun 2017
open-bath-benchtop-reactors-resume.pdf743.8 Kb21 Nov 2005
Cav1.mp426.2 Mb11 Oct 2020
open-bath-mmm-reactors-resume.pdf269.6 Kb24 Jun 2004
Waveguide_water_inside holes.gif2.2 Mb26 Jun 2017
pipe-clamp-reactors.pdf620.2 Kb31 Jan 2004
pipeclamp-setup.pdf727.9 Kb15 Jun 2004
1s-superfast-mmm-cavitation.mp431.4 Mb23 Jul 2020
probe sonicators 1-1 &1-2.5.pdf4.6 Mb21 Oct 2010
Waveguide_5HWL+water.gif1.8 Mb26 Jun 2017
probe sonicators 1-1.pdf4.2 Mb21 Oct 2010
sls-transducers.pdf213.3 Kb13 Mar 2008
Sonicators for food industry.zip79.6 Mb08 May 2015
solving problems with air bubbles in liquid food products.pdf90 Kb12 Jun 2004
superfast-mmm-cavitation-1s.mp411.1 Mb23 Jul 2020
sonicator-&-rigid-mount-flange.pdf451.9 Kb21 Jun 2007
Waveguide_water_inside holes_13.gif2.6 Mb16 Jun 2017
sonopush-conical-holes.zip18.7 Mb04 Nov 2007
high-tech-projects-list.pdf585.5 Kb02 Jul 2017
high-tech-projects-list-short.pdf335.6 Kb17 Jan 2017
hpu application topics march 2014.pdf316 Kb10 Mar 2014
mmm_basics_presentation.pdf1.3 Mb07 May 2006
mmm stress relief technology.pdf324.3 Kb17 Jan 2017
accelerated testing.pdf470.1 Kb05 Dec 2016
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.pdf1.9 Mb05 Dec 2016
ultrasonic-stress-relief.pdf253 Kb07 Feb 2009
Waveguide_water_inside holes_12.gif2.8 Mb16 Jun 2017
ultrasonic liquids processing related to descaling and cleaning applications.pdf181 Kb08 May 2017
Option 7_ Booster Spring 4HWL_Water_Spherical.gif2.1 Mb08 Apr 2018

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