MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
MMM, Wideband Multifrequency Technology

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accelerated testing.pdf470.1 Kb05 Dec 2016
accelerated testing-141204.pdf33.1 Kb13 Mar 2005
acoustic-inspection.pdf1.9 Mb01 Oct 2009
ball-peening-in-action.mov4.4 Mb13 Mar 2005
continuous casting (1).pdf14.1 Mb08 Dec 2014
clamp-on-sonoreactors-presentation.pdf16.7 Mb01 Oct 2009
dsp_2002_april.doc54.5 Kb16 Dec 2003
clamp-on reactors-design-examples.pdf2.7 Mb21 Sep 2010
heavy-duty-high-intensity-sonicator-2.pdf17.4 Mb01 Oct 2009
applications-petrochemical-domain.pdf70 Kb23 Jun 2010
heavy-duty-high-intensity-sonicator-short.pdf130.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
hpu application topics march 2014.pdf316 Kb10 Mar 2014
incineration_assisted_by_ul.doc21 Kb16 Dec 2003
kudr_bap.pdf182.8 Kb16 Dec 2003
mmm-cleaning-presentation.pdf11.4 Mb01 Oct 2009
mmm-cutting-presentation.pdf160.8 Mb01 Oct 2009
mmm-extended-list-of-applications.pdf87 Kb13 Dec 2005
ultrasonic-stress-relief.pdf253 Kb07 Feb 2009
mmm-ultrasonic-grinding-and-dressing.pdf3.2 Mb01 Oct 2009
mmm_basics_presentation.pdf1.3 Mb07 May 2006
mmm_technology_1.doc2.7 Mb16 Dec 2003
mpi-patents+papers.pdf36.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
mpi-tubes-wires-drawing.pdf481.6 Kb01 Oct 2009
new_projects.doc51 Kb16 Dec 2003
powders-sieving-&-processing.pdf16.4 Mb01 Oct 2009
powders_production.doc54 Kb16 Dec 2003
presentation_materials.doc48 Kb16 Dec 2003
proposals_for_plastic_indus.doc98 Kb16 Dec 2003
radiator.awd239 Kb16 Dec 2003
mpi-basics.pdf336.8 Kb17 Jan 2017
sensitive-parts-ultrasonic-treatment.pdf290.6 Kb13 Jun 2005
sonochemical reactors.pdf574.9 Kb31 Jan 2010
structural_infrared_diagnos.doc64 Kb16 Dec 2003
the_ultrasonic_hammer_trans.doc208.5 Kb16 Dec 2003
top3_00119.pdf110 Kb16 Dec 2003
tubular_clamp_on_reactors.pdf10 Mb04 Oct 2009
ultrasonic aluminum-processor-2.pdf624 Kb01 Oct 2009
vibrations_de_polym_res.pdf12.7 Kb16 Dec 2003
ultrasonic extractions and liquids processing.pdf27.8 Mb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic machining-basics.pdf521.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
high-tech-projects-list-short.pdf335.6 Kb17 Jan 2017
ultrasonic-assisted grinding of soft steel.pdf591.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic-drilling.pdf1.2 Mb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic-extruder.pdf447.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonic_projects_offered.doc70 Kb16 Dec 2003
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.pdf1.9 Mb05 Dec 2016
ultrasonically assisted plastic extrussion.pdf389.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonically-assisted-polymers-blending.pdf2.3 Mb01 Oct 2009
ultrasonically assisted plastic mixing and extrussion.pdf128.2 Kb01 Oct 2009
mmm stress relief technology.pdf324.3 Kb17 Jan 2017
ultrasonically-assisted-drilling-&-machining.pdf623.1 Kb01 Oct 2009
high-tech-projects-list.pdf577.2 Kb17 Jan 2017
ultrasonic alloys processing-resume.pdf1.9 Mb17 Nov 2015

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