MMM wideband multifrequency sonic and ultrasonic technology for welding cleaning liquid processing metallurgy metal forming and sonochemistry
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peening-&-fatigue life extension04 Mar 2018
Video animations06 Jan 2021
Penning-tool-testing26 Sep 2020
Generator-Controls.pdf570.3 Kb14 May 2008
accelerated testing.pdf470.1 Kb05 Dec 2016
f3 fat 71.pdf56.6 Kb21 Apr 2005
fatigue-behaviour.pdf380.9 Kb07 Jan 2006
ultrasonic peening.zip1.2 Gb02 Mar 2018
fatigue%20behaviour.pdf379.5 Kb12 Dec 2006
ultrasonic-stress-relief.pdf253 Kb07 Feb 2009
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.mp4389.3 Mb31 Oct 2016
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.zip380.9 Mb01 Nov 2016
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.pdf1.9 Mb31 Oct 2016
stress measurement.zip78.7 Mb24 Nov 2016
mmm stress relief technology.pdf235.3 Kb27 Dec 2017
high-tech-projects-list.pdf587.4 Kb11 May 2017
high-tech-projects-list-short.pdf345.3 Kb11 May 2017
mpi-basics.pdf336.8 Kb17 Jan 2017
clamp-on reactors-design-examples.pdf2.7 Mb21 Sep 2010
mmm_basics_presentation.pdf1.3 Mb07 May 2006
facts about mmm technology.pdf258.7 Kb12 May 2017
o&g pipeline cleaning.pdf313.4 Kb09 May 2017
ultrasonic liquids processing related to descaling and cleaning applications.pdf181 Kb08 May 2017
mmm ultrasonic stress relief.pptx386.6 Mb31 Oct 2016
heat exchangers cleaning and mmm technology.pdf63.4 Kb29 Sep 2016
how to produce mmm.pdf186.2 Kb03 Jan 2018
mmm technology explanations.pdf3 Mb12 May 2017
mmm-preliminary-full paper version.pdf1.3 Mb27 Dec 2017
mmm-stress-removal-manual.pdf1.3 Mb03 Jan 2018
piezoelectric-converters-modeling-and-characterization.pdf3.5 Mb18 Oct 2013
stress measurements.zip103.2 Mb15 Jan 2018
lumentum-refference-letter.pdf327.2 Kb16 Aug 2018
MMM ULTRASONIC AGITATION.pptx490.1 Mb09 Mar 2019
Agitating big masses-3.pptx219.3 Mb17 May 2019
MMM ULTRASONIC AGITATION-1.pptx490.1 Mb09 Mar 2019
High-Tech-projects-list.pdf595.8 Kb17 May 2019
peening handout brochure.pdf9.2 Mb14 Aug 2020
Proposal-A4-2-1-8.pdf9.2 Mb14 Aug 2020
MPI Peening Manual 17.04.2018.pdf305.9 Kb07 Aug 2020
Proposal-A4 1-8 (1).pdf30.9 Mb31 Jul 2020
NOCS_UL_Peening_sys.pdf2.7 Mb03 May 2018
MPI Peening Manual 17.04.2018.docx9.8 Mb17 Apr 2018
MPI posters 16.04.2018.pptx4 Mb17 Apr 2018
AA-USPeen-P4.pdf571.2 Kb17 Apr 2018
Ultrasonic Impact Peening RSRM 28.01.2018.pdf834.6 Kb04 Mar 2018
Ultrasonic Impact Peening RSRM 28.01.2018.docx4.2 Mb04 Mar 2018
5.TRLC - MRA UP Solutions Rev03.pptx5.7 Mb08 Feb 2018
Peening materials-09-00471.pdf1.1 Mb01 Feb 2018
Portable PEENING tool.docx26.2 Kb28 Jan 2018
Ultrasonic Impact Peening RSRM 27.01.2018.pdf547.5 Kb27 Jan 2018
Ultrasonic Impact Peening MPI 27.01.2018.docx218.3 Kb27 Jan 2018
Ultrasonic Impact Peening-mod.docx294.7 Kb26 Jan 2018
Peening X MMM Report_MNBRev01ed.2.docx4.2 Mb11 Jan 2018
Portable PEENING tool-MPI.docx5.2 Mb19 Nov 2017
Ultrasonic Peening.pdf1.1 Mb12 Oct 2016
MMM Detailed Paper.pdf831.1 Kb11 Oct 2016
Portable PEENING tool.pdf49.2 Kb27 Sep 2016
Ultrasonic Peening.ppt8.5 Mb27 Sep 2016
ow-generator-v3.pdf787.4 Kb29 Mar 2015
Peening-instruct.pdf1.1 Mb29 Mar 2015
OW-gen-Box.pdf149.1 Kb29 Mar 2015
Peening-instruct.docx1.3 Mb26 Mar 2015
MPI-patents+papers.doc44.5 Kb03 Dec 2012
MPI-peening pictures.doc3 Mb11 May 2010
MPI-peening pictures.pdf33.8 Kb11 May 2010
Connector-Terminals.pdf82.9 Kb18 May 2009
2905- Kb26 Feb 2009
155965.pdf26.7 Mb02 Mar 2018
fatigue_behaviour-_of-_welded-_high_strength_steels.pdf12.6 Mb25 May 2014
peening handout brochure.indd12.2 Mb14 Aug 2020
fatigue-behavior-of-high-strength-steel-welded-joints-in-offshore-and-marine-systems-fathoms.pdf11.7 Mb02 Mar 2018
PEENING.ZIP6.2 Mb29 Mar 2015
statnikov-ultrasonic-impact-physics.pdf2.6 Mb19 Oct 2005
1605-article text (.docx, max 100 mb)-6063-1-10-20150929.pdf1.6 Mb16 Jan 2018
fatigue-life-extension-procedure-by-ultrasonic-peening-iiw-2010.pdf1.3 Mb02 Mar 2018
efa2008a.pdf1.3 Mb12 Jun 2009
materials-09-00471.pdf1.1 Mb01 Feb 2018
efficiency-evaluation-of-uit-of-welded-joints-in-weldox-420-steel-in-accordance-with-the-iiw-program.pdf1.1 Mb26 Jan 2018
rehabilitation-of-welded-joints-by-ultrasonic-impact-treatment-(uit).pdf850.4 Kb26 Jan 2018
residual stress effects on fatigue life using lefm.pdf845.3 Kb12 Jun 2009
influence-of-spectrum-loading-the-fatigue-strength.pdf837.4 Kb07 Jan 2006
influence of spectrum loading on the fatigue strength of improved weldments.pdf835.2 Kb12 Jun 2009
residual stress analysis and fatigue of multi-pass welded tubular structures.pdf781.1 Kb12 Jun 2009
iiw-doc-xiii-2362-11overview-of-fatigue-data-for-high-frequency-treated-welded-joints.pdf494.4 Kb02 Mar 2018
investigation of residual stresses in as-welded and tig-dressed specimens subjected to static spectrum loading.pdf472.2 Kb12 Jun 2009
life-extension-of-class-f-and-class-f2-details-using-ultrasonic-peening-iiw-2006.pdf435.6 Kb02 Mar 2018
fatigue-tests-on-welded-joints-in-high-strength-steel-and-aluminium-improved-by-various-methods.-iiw-1998.pdf386.7 Kb02 Mar 2018
iiw-introductory fatigue tests on welded joints in high strength steel and aluminium improved by various methods.pdf386.7 Kb12 Jun 2009
fatigue_behaviour_of_steel.pdf379.5 Kb13 Dec 2006
fatigue_behaviour_of_steels_with_strength_levels_between_350_and_900_mpa.pdf379.5 Kb12 Jun 2009
cwst-fatigue-leaflet-2pp-16.02.16.pdf362.6 Kb19 Apr 2017
cwst-ageing-aircraft-leaflet-2pp-16.02.16.pdf332.5 Kb19 Apr 2017
mmm-ow-powersafety1.pdf325.1 Kb03 Apr 2004
fatigue-strength-of-longitudinal-attachment-improved-by-ultrasonic-impact-treatment.pdf275.5 Kb26 Jan 2018
fatigue-strength-of-longitudinal-attachment-improved-by-ultrasonic-impact-treatment[1].pdf271.4 Kb04 Mar 2018
life extension - peening.pdf254.8 Kb06 Jul 2006
residual stresses in welded specimens of high strength steel and the effects of tig dressing and mechanical load.pdf242.6 Kb12 Jun 2009
developments in fatigue peening_ news from surface dynamics.pdf66.5 Kb29 Oct 2005
OW_SoftwareCommands.pdf39.8 Kb01 Sep 2008
Mastersonic Generators-frequency ranges21.doc31 Kb16 Feb 2004
developments in fatigue peening news from surface dynamics.htm15.6 Kb29 Oct 2005
fw fatigue test results-umtt.txt2.8 Kb21 Apr 2005
large and thick metal plate.wmv259.8 Mb06 Jan 2021

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